Booking my pornstar escort friend

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Booking my pornstar escort friend


So, last time I was on this site, I told you about how I discovered that one of my friends is actually a pornstar escort. I won’t go over all those details again. The bottom line is that I was looking for a video to rub one out too and I found one of my friends in one. One thing led to another and I discovered that she’s a high class escort who does adult work as well. So what’s a man to do in this situation? I used a fake name and booked her for an entire night, obviously! After all, I’ve always dreamed about her tight, slender body.

From good to great with a pornstar escort


I decided to have the booking at a hotel on Park Lane. After all, she’s a high class pornstar escort and, if things went south, at least I would have a nice place for the night. I met her at the hotel lobby and, if she was shocked, she didn’t look it. She was extremely professional when I revealed that I was her client for the night and just gave me an evil smile.

When we got to my room, her demeanour changed completely. She playfully started slapping me (she knows me really well and knows I don’t mind) and told me that if I wanted to get with her, I should have just asked, there was no need to pay her. I laughed and told her that I wanted it to be a surprise.

From that moment on, things went great. She asked me not to tell anyone about her real job and I assured her that she had nothing to worry about. About an hour later, we started watching some of her videos together, on my phone. She noticed me getting really excited when I saw her use her mouth to go really deep on her scene partner and she asked me if I’d like that. I obviously said yes and she showed me just how good she really is and why she’s so appreciated as a pornstar escort. We did it in countless ways throughout the night, so I guess you could say things went a lot better than expected. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my story as much as I did writing it!

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